The Importance of Audio in Video Production

The soundtrack of a movie sets the tone, establishing how a production is remembered. Sometimes, it becomes more successful than the actual movie while more often than not, we can’t recall the music from something we viewed. It has been proven that whereas poor video quality can be overlooked, poor audio quality is almost always unforgivable.

Audio Mixing

It is important to use a stand-alone microphone while filming. Camera microphones provide low-quality audio and will have a negative impact on what you’re presenting. Visuals can be edited and adjusted, but modest audio will ruin your production. When videos are watched, sound effects and background music often go unnoticed: This means that the quality is superior and the person who worked on the sound did an excellent job selecting and synchronizing visual accompaniments. A good engineer is often responsible for superior quality.


Music may determine if viewers receive your message or become immersed in what they’re seeing. In contrast, it can be distracting and give off a message that’s unintentional. Poor music selection makes a video undesirable while a better choice can captivate an audience and promote resonation. Sometimes, songs and musicians are used to help market and promote a movie, but the music may not necessarily be featured in the film. Instead, it’s used for branding and building interest and excitement for its debut. For example, The Hunger Games soundtrack was star-studded and featured “Safe & Sound,” a chart-topping single by Taylor Swift. While the song was composed for the soundtrack, it wasn’t incorporated into the movie.

Sound Effects

This central component is what you’ll probably notice more when you’re watching an action movie. If you’re watching something that’s calm like a scene at a park, a lot of audio will go unnoticed.  

Actor’s Voices

Dialogue isn’t always perfect when recorded on set, so actors return to the studio and re-record their lines. Scenes intended to trigger emotion require pristine discourse accompanied by the right music or sound when incorporated.

The audio in your production is even more important than your visuals. It’s imperative, whether you’re doing a corporate video for your company, an independent movie or an interview, that your audio is presented in the best quality.

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